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SECOND IMPACT 01.a Place 5 years ago 02.La Quebrada 03.with a smile 04.波 05.Petal 06.Pôr do sol 2016年 発売 6曲入りアルバム 東日本大震災で被災した現地に斎藤孝太郎が赴き作曲した 「a Place」をリアレンジした「a Place 5 years ago」 真鍋貴之作曲の 触れては消えてしまうような 儚く美しい「with a smile」 深い霧の先にかすかに見える 異国を綴った「Pôr do sol」 美しい音色に深い情景を浮かべた1枚 Album “SECOND IMPACT” / Released in 2016 / # of Tracks: 6 “a Place 5 years ago” is a rearrangement of “a Place”, originally composed by Kotaro Saito. He created the song while visiting the areas affected by the Great Tohoku Earthquake in 2011. “with a smile” by Takayuki Manabe is a beautiful song – so fragile that it could disappear if you ever try to reach out to it. “Pôr do sol” implies a foreign land that is seen vaguely through a deep fog. The album represents the reflection of profound scenes through its’ beautiful melodies and rhythm.